El Kartoñ, a registered trade mark of CTN, is part of our company's green consumer approach.

It is a full suite of cardboard products, an extension of our stand-making service beyond the use of standard materials.
We build stands from start to finish from fire retardant honeycomb cardboard which are completely reliable.

In addition to this suite, we have a range of furniture and objects made completely from cardboard.
The El Kartoñ honeycomb cardboard system is of interest to both organisers and stand installers, as well as to individual, industrial and institutional exhibitors.

In addition to exhibitions at trade shows, El Kartoñ provides solutions for shops, galleries, museums, town halls, and any other green-friendly industry or service. Many El Kartoñ corners, PoS displays, items of furniture, display cabinets, and polling booths meet their particular needs and some of these products are also of direct interest to the retail furnishings trade.