El Kartoñ, a different way of life for trade shows and exhibitions.
A universal system of modular partitions has been in use for several decades now. These installations are certainly very practical, but with everything the same, monotony is setting in for exhibitors and also for visitors.
El Kartoñ can now offer an aesthetically-pleasing, ergonomic and ecological alternative.
El Kartoñ, a complete solution for the general installation of stands, is first and foremost a partitioning system using honeycomb cardboard panels, which clip together without tools. These panels made from recycled paper are themselves recyclable. Their natural look gives them an authentic and aesthetically-pleasing appearance.
Highly soundproof, light, easy-to-use and adapt, El Kartoñ provides the following advantages:
Comfort and ease for installers: less noise and less effort.
An environmentally-friendly product made from recycled elements which is itself recyclable.
An amazingly versatile tool for adding design and innovation to a uniform material
normally used for general installations. El Kartoñ can be painted, cut and is easy to assemble. In addition, it is astonishingly mechanically resistant.
El Kartoñ also offers recyclable floor coverings and low energy light sources (fluorescent strips and Leds) that you can find close to specialised providers.
El Kartoñ is also an ethical stand system for socially responsible companies.