Legislation for partitions used in exhibitions

El Kartoñ complies with current legislation in France.
We are currently studying classification in compliance with legislation of the other European countries in which we operate. Requests are processed on a case by case basis.

Fire resistance classification in France: M2 for standard module (report LNE N° F021542-CEMATE/2, non-limited).
Panels other than standard modules are treated specifically and receive M2 certification by CTN.

The most common finish for partitions is natural recycled cardboard.
Colour enhances the decor with panels covered in different shades of acrylic paint.
Cardboard panels and strips can be varnished. Water-based varnish is used.
Printing on panels: Subject to design, and the formats being accepted by our machines, we offer full colour prints, applied directly to the panels. The results obtained are part of the El Kartoñ design