The most common finish for partitions is natural recycled cardboard.
Colour enhances the decor with panels covered in different shades of acrylic paint.
Cardboard panels and strips can be varnished. Only water-based varnishes are used.
Printing on the panels: subject to design, and the formats being accepted by our machines, we offer full colour prints, applied directly to the panels. The results obtained are part of the El Kartoñ design.

Natural recycled paper look
Painted or varnished with water-based varnish
Digitally-printed or screen printed.

Additional material depending on items:
Clear plate glass

The accessories required for general installations are easily adaptable:
Lighting: special adapters have been developed for rail and spotlight fittings
and projector lights.
Storage cupboard: a 1000 mm x 1000 mm folding cupboard is an accessory which is often requested for general installations with 2 open-out doors fitted with a padlock. The cupboard is made completely from cardboard of the same type as the partitions. Inside fittings: 2 shelves and 1 peg
Larger specific cupboards are made from standard panels and use a standard door unit.
Poster support: posters may be pinned up and chains can be provided by the instalators for hanging larger posters. Cut-out poster support/frame panels are available.