El Kartoñ is a green design programme, using materials made from recycled paper.
It is itself recyclable. The fire retardant products used do not harm the environmental cycle.
Cardboard is a natural material, which may be machined on wood-turning machines in order to produce small- or medium-series runs of furniture, or even to produce single items using portable electric tools. For the production of large series runs, suitable machining methods are adopted suitable machines used.

El Kartoñ is made of light, easy-to-handle and transformable materials.
Honeycomb cardboard is an amazing tool for creators and designers. The partially apparent honeycomb pattern is a decorative element. Cardboard panels may be painted or printed.

El Kartoñ application advantages and qualities:

El Kartoñ general installation of stands:
Quick and simple assembly with no special tools necessary,
White glove assembly available
Assemble by simply rubbing together the two the self-adhesive strip sections
Light: ergonomic handling thanks to its extremely light weight:
A 960 mm x 2500 mm x 40 mm cardboard panel weighs 6.5 kg
Cornices can be made completely from cardboard of the same type as the partitions or replaced by aluminium bars and posts as used in standard modular aluminium systems.
In the most common case where cardboard cornices are used, these are designed to carry the standard lighting appliances used in the profession

Outstanding advantages for Exhibitors:
El Kartoñ has better acoustic insulation performance than melamine panels in modular systems, aluminium profiles and melamine panels.
Unlike aluminium and melamine modular systems, El Kartoñ givens users the advantage of making the space completely their own, and incorporating whatever decorative elements they like into their stand.
They can drill, glue and so on. This very free appropriation of the space is possible when the panels are designed for single use. It goes without saying that if the organiser wishes to reuse some of the panels, it is appropriate to ask for their prior permission.

El Kartoñ cardboard stands may be single or multiuse. At the end of use, the self-adhesive strips are removed from the partitions and cardboard strips, the parts which may have been painted or printed are separated, the recyclables parts are compressed and sent to be recycled into paper pulp.