Environmentally-friendly promotion of services and supplies designed and produced by CTN.
CTN strategy and action take a sustainable, environmentally-conscious approach right from the first commercial contact and preliminary project research, to the final project, production and management of the stand.

The El Kartoñ programme is a honeycomb cardboard stand system, for which the principle parts are partitions, vertical risers, cornices, standardised cupboards/stores, and a whole suite of specific furniture developed around El Kartoñ stands: document racks, shelves, benches, stools (high and low), podiums, voting booths (for elections), artists' easels, etc.

All cardboard parts are spray-treated for fire resistance and M2 certification; standard modular partitions have permanent M2 certification after ageing tests carried out by the LNE, an official French laboratory. The fire retardant products are non-polluting and salt-based. The honeycomb cardboard panels are made from recycled paper and are themselves recyclable.

In the case of finishes other than natural finishes (recycled paper look), i.e. the application of acrylic paint or water-based varnish: the parts treated are separated from the assembly and are considered as specific parts so as not to damage the recyclable parts of an assembly. They are treated separately after use as biodegradable waste if they cannot be recycled.

This programme helps to reduce two identified sources of harm:
- Harm from the weight of materials used and fatigue dealt with by favouring good ergonomics: easy to assemble / dismantle by technicians, short assembly time.
- Noise pollution: the measurements taken by the French Scientific Research Centre for Building Techniques show that the dampening of noise through these honeycomb cardboard partitions adds to exhibitor comfort, more particularly during service-industry trade shows.

Final points to be taken into account in this statement:
- The weight of honeycomb cardboard, which is well below that of other more traditional materials, is an energy-saving factor in transport,
- The fire-retardant products used are not toxic for the environment.

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