Today marketing a concept based on a product made from natural fibres is the logical continuity of CTN thinking to date! Working with recycled and recyclable materials is consistent with our commitment to green design and sustainable development. This is the reasoning which lies behind EL KARTON's development.
With this concept, we are providing a perfect answer to the green charter. In addition to the recycled paper aspect of the product, El Kartoñ meets other criteria for sustainable development.
In addition to the distinctives of El Kartoñ, the whole of CTN business is committed to sustainable development and recycling. We are in the process of drafting and publishing a company statement based on the ISO 14021 standard.

The El Kartoñ system is made up primarily of:
Cardboard partitions and cornices made from recycled paper, which is itself recyclable after use.
Additional aluminium accessories: a long-lasting, reusable material which is nonetheless recyclable after use.

Selected lighting
We recommend the use of low-consumption energy-saving light sources, (fluorescent lights, Led bulbs) rather than incandescent sources, with too much halogen or even metal iodides. Nowadays, stands often use a lot of energy. Our more principled approach currently depends on the customer accepting a higher cost and less intense lighting, but this recommendation does provide additional comfort due to less heat being given off.

In favour of natural finishes
The most common finish for partitions is natural recycled cardboard.
Colour enhances the decor with panels covered in different shades of acrylic paint.
Cardboard panels and profiles can be varnished. Only water-based varnishes are used.
Printing on the panels: subject to design, and the formats being accepted by our machines, we offer full colour prints, applied directly to the panels with solvent-free inks. The results obtained are part of the El Kartoñ design.