Summary of main characteristics, qualities and finishes

Cardboard manufactured for stands, furniture and display cabinets, is made using honeycomb panels comprising 2 paper covers over a honeycomb structure.
Panel thicknesses vary according to use.
The patented system for El Kartoñ stand partitions, we use 40 mm-thick panels enclosed on three sides by cardboard U-pieces. An upper U-piece covers the assembled partitions.

Partitions are assembled together using self-adhesive friction strips. Panels weigh only 6.5kgs allowing easy installation.
A variety of fixings and connectors complete this stand and furniture construction system. These parts may be made from cardboard, wood or metal depending on their use.

Thicknesses of between 10 and 91 mm are used to make furniture.
Some cardboard parts for furniture assembly are machined and prefabricated, e.g. bars for shelving and document racks, etc.

In general all stand and furniture components can be installed and assembled rapidly with no need for special tools.